Company Update: July 2022

BoundaryLess Living has expanded its company mission and goals to the all-inclusive genre of LIVABILITY.  Adaptive, aging-in-place homes fall under the umbrella, along with Adaptive products, collaborative, community campaigns, Adaptive technology, and so much more.  As BLL rolls out “Team Livability,” we extend invitations to everyone who wants to join.  Follow along on our social media and YouTube channel @BoundaryLessliving #LivabilityRVA to watch BLL’s aspirations to make Richmond VA the most Livable place in the world unfold.

What Does Livability Mean to You?

Livability is all about ease and access to everyday civic, economic, and social life.  In today’s world, independent mobility is a main qualifier for inclusion, leaving out one-third of the world’s population- people with disabilities and aging adults.
Livability initiatives welcome these individuals, families, and their caretaker IN.
A first step is identifying the barriers keeping them out.

We’re collecting, curating, and categorizing stories and testimonies from individuals about their Adaptive needs and what Livability would look like from their perspective.  #LivabiltyRVA #AdaptiveNeighborhoods

Livability in Richmond VA

Through a “Lens of Livability,” BoundaryLess Living is examining how Livable Richmond VA really is.  Starting in August, we’re launching our #NotWelcome #AllGainNoShame campaigns through our social media, YouTube channel, and some community organizing.

Our focus includes existing AND future conditions around the city.  Our goal is to encourage local government, corporations, and residents to share information and resources to update the old, streamline the new, and get Livable.

#LivabilityRVA, #NotWelcome, #AllGainNoShame

Creative Content:

Adaptive Marketplaces

New Videos released on Fridays

Now through the end of August, check-out: ICARAUS Medical Innovations series is rolling out on BLL’s YouTube channel.

BLL’s production crew and founder Bill Sweeney have been collaborating with companies, organizations, and individuals to showcase Adaptive needs, products, and services.

#AdaptiveMarketplace content showcases Adaptive companies and organizations, as well as informs audiences about products and services available (and unavailable) to people with disabilities and aging adults.

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Some Housekeeping…

  • Our Livable residential remodel will be back on the market soon.
    • New construction for two more Livable homes on the property will begin when our special use permit is approved by Richmond City Council.
    • When completed, the property and homes will be 100% wheelchair accessible.
  • Our team continues to grow as new talent joins our Design, Development, and Creative Production departments
  • August 2022 will be a busy and pivotal month for BoundaryLess Living. We have so much exciting news to share- stay tuned!








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